What is the Eighth House in Astrology?
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What Is The Eighth House?

(Associated with Pluto and Scorpio)

House is a term used by astrologers to define another set of twelve sectors of the sky which are similar to the twelve Signs, but may differ in size and in where the House Cusps start and end (the First House always starts at the Ascendant). Think of two old wagon wheels with twelve spokes each, attached to the same axle. The spaces between overlapping spokes are like the Signs and Houses and the spokes are like their cusps. In the sky, the Sun and Moon and Planets are each traveling through both a Sign and a House at any given time.

The Meaning of Houses

The Houses have meanings which correspond in some ways to the meanings of the Signs, but are more like "where", while Signs are like "how". See What Is A House in Astrology?
EIGHTH HOUSE: This is the House of
how you let the old and outworn "die" so it can be re-cycled or transformed into something new and useful;
how you allow others to die or leave and let them go, how you deal with death or divorce or separation or loss;
how you "surrender yourself", how you give up control or power;
how you try to control or manipulate or coerce or bully or threaten - or try to avoid being treated that way by others;
how you re-form, re-arrange, renew, re-adjust, rebuild, restore, re-work, re-generate, refurbish, reconstruct, renovate;
how you let parts of yourself "die" or be removed or destroyed to allow new growth: worn-out or diseased body cells, self-limiting beliefs or bad habits, attachments to people who limit your growth or sap your strength, attachments to possessions which possess or restrict or burden you, obsessions or compulsions which control you;
how you give birth to something new: a baby - by sex or artificial insemination, a union of body & spirit by surrendering self in sexual orgasm; a belief - by releasing or changing an old one; a material form - by transforming or removing or destroying the old one;
how you deal with resources of others: legacies, inheritences, insurance, alimony, taxes, loans, money or property held or managed for others.

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