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  We need to change our attitude to focus more on gratitude. - Michael Star ©2010 06FEB
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Daily Horoscopes by Michael Star

Michael will be spending 16 days on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea, so daily horoscopes may not get published every day. Sorry!

Gemini Daily Horoscope 28 DEC ©2009
If you have to accept a loss now, then remember the love or the lesson. Some old attitude or thinking is now so moldy it's just stinking. Mystery or secrecy seduces curiosity. You may play either way today. Subterfuge or secrecy may seem to serve you - but we'll see. Romance or recreation might now provide a learning experience or a test. Your public image may be changing in unexpected or unconventional ways. You and a partner might come into conflict over money or resources. Soon you might enjoy the company of someone who understands your inner fears.
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Creative ways to misspell Gemini: Gemeni, Gemni, Gemmeni, Gemmini, Geminni, Gimini, Geminie, Germini, Jemini, Jeminny, Gemiin, Gemineye. Its symbol and constellation in the Zodiac is "The Twins". The ruler of the Sign of Gemini is the planet Mercury.

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